Old Friends-Words

Old Friends

Old Friends, after all of these years....Just Old Friends,
Through the laughter and the tears,...were Old Friends, 
What a find: Your a priceless treasure!

Yeah, You’re my old Friends, you’re like a rare piece of gold,
My Dear Friends, and you make it great to grow old, but until then,
Through it all I will hold to my Old Friends.

Now God must have known, There’d be some days on our own,
We would lose the will to go on....
That’s why he sent Friends just like you along......

You’re my Old Friend, yes you’ve always been there,
My Old Friend, we’ve been through more than our share.
My Dear Old Friend, I’m a rich millionaire with Old Friends.

Seth Rye
sr productions 2011 / email: seth@sethrye.com . ph: 407.620.3332